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El Dorado Transit will make the following adjustments to the Local Fixed Routes

Effective Monday, MARCH 5, 2012:

  • Human Services to become a TIMED STOP on Placerville East and Placerville West
  • The Golden Center Dr stop to move up three (3) minutes on the Diamond Springs Route
  • Eskaton Lincoln Manor to become a REQUEST STOP at 7: 38 AM on Diamond Springs
  • The Camino Heights Dr and US50 stop added to Pollock Pines West (stop to move across the street)
  • Camellia Lane added as a REQUEST STOP on Placerville East
  • Bus stop moved from Ponderosa H.S. to Ponderosa Rd and Deelane Rd (Ponderosa H.S. available for ADA off-route deviations)


For more information on how the new schedules will effect your travel, call El Dorado Transit at (530) 642-5383 and PRESS Menu Option #2 for "General Information". Individual travel training and assistance is also available by calling Transit Services at (530) 642-5383 extension 201.